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Blog Articles

At Bentons Road Vet Clinic we strive to provide our patients with helpful information that’s easy to read and digest (pun intended).  Our blog has some great topics and is regularly updated.  All blog posts are aimed at providing easy solutions to everyday problems.

We also have some great information regarding smelly breath, weight problems, common toxins and healthy diets.

Hopefully you can find what your looking for amongst our articles.  If you don’t or if you would like further information regarding any particular topic please use the contact form on the side of this page.  Remember, no topic is too big or too small, no question too silly.  You’re not going to annoy us by asking us questions.  We are here for you.  We are here for your pets.  We want to provide you with the right information.  Delivered in the right way.  To allow you to treat and care for your best friend in the best way possible.


Keeping Nutrition Simple

Keeping Nutrition Simple All clients of Bentons Road Vet Clinic have heard about the health benefits of feeding their pet a fresh and healthy real food diet, yet some people just really struggle to be able to commit to preparing a home cooked or a raw diet for their pet. I too have small children in my life, I work full time, I run a family owned business…. I get it. It is not always easy! Sometimes it is all we can do to put nourishing food in front of our family. To then have to prepare for the dog too requires more time, energy and motivation than some of us have. So what can you do to improve your pet’s diet simply and quickly? Let’s consider our pet’s diet similarly to our own for a moment and think about what is lacking if we eat only convenience foods for a while. A diet of only cereal for breakfast, cheese sandwiches for lunch and McDonalds for dinner would leave us lacking in vitamins and minerals from vegies and fruit, fibre from vegetables, and omega oils from oily fish or pasture raised meats. And we would also really need to brush our teeth! If you feed your pet a dry food diet, add the following to quickly and inexpensively supplement their diet and improve their health: 1. Vitamins and minerals from vegies Add these to your pet’s food. If you cook vegies for your family, cook a little extra and mix it in with the dry food. Easy for dogs, cats will take a little convincing but even mixing a small amount of cooked cubed zuccini in with their canned food will help greatly. 2. Fibre Carnivores need bone in their diet to act as the fibre and firm their stools. Feeding chicken wings, frames or necks will add important bulk to their stools as well as providing calcium, other minerals and joint supplements to them. Bones can be fed at every meal but at least 2-3 times per week will still help. 3. Omega oils from oily fish Fresh, raw wild caught salmon is of course the best […]

The Importance of the Annual Health Exam

The Importance of the Annual Health Exam When an injured or an unwell pet is presented to a veterinarian, we have a mere 15-20min to make an informed diagnosis of what the problem is, what’s causing the problem, what the correct treatment is and how to prevent it happening again. Add to that the time needed to prescribe and dispense the correct treatment, bill the appropriate fees and write up the clinical notes, you can see why, when asked at the end of the visit, “By the way, is there anything else I should be doing for my pet?”, you may get short changed on that answer.  There is a vast amount of advice and information that can be discussed to improve the health and wellbeing of your pet.  But this needs more time to address properly than the last 30 seconds of your visit as you’re bundling your limping Kelpie into the car.  This is where the importance of the Annual Health Exam comes in. The Annual Health Exam is the visit where we can address all of your questions relating to feeding, housing, training and handling, without needing to focus on any illness or injury.  This is the consultation where we encourage you to bring in your list of questions.  The consultation where we can take the time to educate and discuss what things can be tweaked and improved.  This is what we love doing.  Helping you understand what makes your pet better and why.  This is what Bentons Road Veterinary Clinic is all about. Education and understanding is what we do! So what does an Annual Health Exam involve? Listed here are the points that are discussed in every Annual Health Exam.  Although this list is a little extensive it does give you an insight into how much is covered in this important visit. 1.     Weight assessment. Every pet has its Body Condition Score (BCS) calculated at every visit, often as the dog is still trotting into the consult room. This sparks a discussion on how much food your pet is eating and whether this should be altered [...]

Combining Natural, Nutritional and Medical treatments for Arthritis

Combining Natural, Nutritional and Medical treatments for Arthritis Just recently it is as though the One Upstairs suddenly flicked a switch; the heating went off and the rain and the wind started up. Instantly it felt like winter! Most of us grumble a bit and pull on an extra jumper but for some of our senior pets, the turn in the weather spells the beginning of a less comfortable time as aching joints begin to flare up in colder weather.  Pets with arthritis suffer when the weather turns a bit miserable. Arthritis can be a painful and debilitating disease and unfortunately it is a common complaint in our senior cats and dogs.  If you think your dog or your cat does have arthritis don’t despair, there are many different treatment options available. Unfortunately there is no cure for this type of arthritis.  Treatment is based mainly on prevention and in management of the pain and inflammation. Read on to hear how Polly has been managed over the years to improve her quality of life living with chronic arthritis. Pollys’ Story Polly is a 13 year old Labrador cross who was adopted by Jan & Peter from a dog’s home 6 years ago. She had previously lived with 3 different owners but has finally found her forever home. She is a beautiful gentle dog who loves cuddles and rolling on her back in the grass. Her absolute favourite thing to do is madly gallop into the ocean and swim in circles. As Polly grew older, her mum noticed she was stiff when getting up and was slowing down on walks. After a run on the beach and a swim she was lame in one of her back legs. Pollys’ Diagnosis Polly was diagnosed with arthritis from degenerative cruciate ligament disease. Like all Labradors, Polly lives for her next meal and as she was doing less exercise, she was slowly getting heavier and heavier! We changed Polly’s food to a raw diet naturally high in protein and low in starch to help with losing and maintaining a lean body weight. We also […]

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