Can Pets Have Anxiety

great dane sitting on couch it destroyed after anxiety attack

Pet Anxiety Is It Real?

Bentons Road Veterinary Clinic prides itself on offering fear free, behaviour-based approaches to veterinary treatment. Despite this, we are always surprised at the numbers of pets out there who continue to suffer from anxiety. Unfortunately anxiety in pets often leads to unwanted behavioural problems.

Potential Signs of Anxiety

In dogs, growling, barking, snapping on leash, panting, inappropriate toileting, destructive behaviours and hyperactivity are all signs of an anxious state.  These are indicators that your dog just isn’t coping. In cats we also tend to see inappropriate toileting behaviours and aggression.  Hiding, yowling, scratching and over-grooming are also signs of stress. It’s distressing for owners.  Not knowing what to do.  Your pet also isn’t enjoying life either.  Being in a state of constant anxiety isn’t a fun place to be!

What Can We Do To Help

There are many suggestions that can be made to reduce anxiety for our pets.  Some of them as easy as adding another cat litter tray or blocking a dog’s sight through a wire fence. Sometimes the anxiety also requires medical management and a more intensive behaviour modification program. In almost all cases, pheromone therapy with Adaptil for dogs or Feliway for cats provides safe, immediate support for the anxious pet.



These products are synthetic forms of naturally occurring pheromones, usually produced by lactating bitches or happy cats, to provide relief from anxiety. Pheromone therapy is completely safe.  It does not interact with any other medications, nor does it have any adverse effects.   Pheromones are also undetectable by any other species.  In short, there are no reasons why pheromone therapy should not be trialled.

If you are concerned your pet might be anxious, come on in and talk to the knowledgeable nurses and vets at Bentons Road Veterinary Clinic. Your anxious dog or cat will thank you for it!

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