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Blog Articles

At Bentons Road Vet Clinic we strive to provide our patients with helpful information that’s easy to read and digest (pun intended).  Our blog has some great topics and is regularly updated.  All blog posts are aimed at providing easy solutions to everyday problems.

We also have some great information regarding smelly breath, weight problems, common toxins and healthy diets.

Hopefully you can find what your looking for amongst our articles.  If you don’t or if you would like further information regarding any particular topic please use the contact form on the side of this page.  Remember, no topic is too big or too small, no question too silly.  You’re not going to annoy us by asking us questions.  We are here for you.  We are here for your pets.  We want to provide you with the right information.  Delivered in the right way.  To allow you to treat and care for your best friend in the best way possible.


Lets Talk About Teeth – Dental Disease

Let's talk about teeth! One of the best ways to keep your pet well and healthy is to care for their teeth. Do you know what your pet's mouth looks like? Take a good look, including right up into the back of their mouth. This photo is of my dog Ash and her mouth. This is what your dog's teeth should look like. No tartar, no gingivitis, no smell. Now the three reasons that Ash has a healthy mouth are; 1. Her age:  Ash is only 2.5 years old.  Her mouth has less wear and tear and areas for bacteria to take hold. (this is not under my control) 2. Her genetic design: Ash has well-spaced teeth that align well.  This allows natural self-cleaning of teeth as she chews (also not under my control) 3. Her diet: Ash is fed a fresh food diet that is high in meat and vegetables.  It is also low in processed carbohydrates (this one is under my control!) Unfortunately you have no control over your dog's age and once you have chosen your dog, their breed is not able to be influenced either. It is important to know that some breeds of dog have far higher potential to have severe dental disease than others. The breeds who take up most of our dentistry bookings include the brachycephalic breeds whose teeth do not line up well at all (these are the Pugs, Cavaliers, Bulldogs), small and toy breeds of dog (these are the Maltese, Shih tzus and toy Poodles), and strangely, dogs with long hair around their mouths (Schnauzers and the many and various -oodles). Before settling on a breed, it may be worth considering the financial impact of regular dentistry prevention and treatment. Pet insurance companies rarely cover pet dentistry fees and so this cost will come out of your pocket. In predisposed breeds, the cost can be significant over the lifetime of your pet. If you do share your home with one of these breeds, it may be that a fresh food diet alone is not enough to protect their teeth. You can expect [...]

Joint Pain in Older Pets

With this sudden snap into really cold weather and now the rain with it too, many pet owners are noticing the signs of stiffness and joint pain in their older dogs. While nobody likes to accept the fact that they’re pet is getting on in years, there is much that we can do to help the senior pet live their later lives well. Have you noticed your dog struggling to get out of bed in the morning? Does it take a bit of time before they are moving around more freely? Do you need to help your dog into the car now when they used to leap in unaided? These are all signs that your dog or cat is feeling their age and suffering from some joint pain. One thing you can easily do, is feed your pet well. Feed your pet food that will nourish and care for their joints and support them as they age. Here are a few of my tips to help your pet live a young life. Senior pets need good quality protein and enough of it. This means meat that is simply cooked or fresh and raw. Meat is easily digested by our pet carnivores and is needed to support muscle strength and metabolic functions. Keep in mind that the protein in dry food has been rendered and extruded which makes it harder to digest, promoting inflammation. Feed a fish oil supplement. Increasing the Omega 3 fatty acid balance in the diet will naturally reduce joint inflammation and will also support their skin and coat, brain, kidneys, and eyes. PAW Fish Oil is a measured dose for dogs and easy to feed. Feeding canned oily fish such as sardines or mackeral can also help. Senior dogs need increased levels of B vitamins in their diet. This can be achieved by feeding fresh leafy green vegetables, or by adding Wellbeing Essentials Complete22 to their diet. Feed a variety of different vegetables and some fruits and berries to offer the most micronutrients and vitamins. Feed healthy fats and oils in addition to fish oil. Olive oil, flaxseed oil, […]

Physical & Mental Stimulation for Your Older Dog

Games You Can Play With Your Older Dog For Physical & Mental Stimulation Feeding a portion of your dog’s daily food intake from your hand during games is brilliant for mental stimulation. Not just with young dogs, but for older dogs to keep them bright, alert and happy too!  1. The Cup Game  As dogs get older, their eyesight and hearing may dim but their sense of smell remains strong. All you need is three empty cups with a couple of holes poked into them (to let scent out) and a healthy dog treat, such as Ziwipeak. Place a treat under a cup, slide the rest of the cups around on the floor and then ask your dog, “Where’s the treat?”  This is a great option for dogs who have a hard time moving around. You get to spend time together, engage his interest — and he gets treats! Yay! Win for the dog!  2. Finders Keepers  This is a thrilling game for older dogs who still remember the glory of the hunt. Hide some treats, such as pieces of carrot or some Ziwipeak treats, around your house in cups or easily accessible containers. Tell your dog to “Find it!” and let them sniff around.  Don’t make the treats or toys (or even yourself) too hard to find. Remember, your dog is a senior. Try it, they’ll love it, and so will you.  3. Tug- of- War  Fun games such as tug-of-war are great for mental stimulation, balance and strength.  Don’t tug too hard and let them win the battle sometimes too! 4. Food Puzzle toys  Food puzzle toys are made to hide a portion of your dog’s food. Your dog has to work to get the food out, which motivates your dog to solve a problem. Food toys can help keep your dog moving around plus they keep your dog’s brain engaged too!  5. Adapted Agility   Low impact and low level obstacles can help keep your older dog mentally stimulated. They also help your dog maintain balance, strength and gently using his full range of joint motion. A visit to your local hardware will give you all you need to set up […]

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