dog and cat high five after desexing

Is desexing my dog or cat necessary?

Vets and councils across Australia recommend the desexing of dogs and cats. But why is it recommended? Desexing helps to reduce the numbers of unwanted puppies and kittens that are surrendered to rehoming centres within the community.  Unfortunately this practice is very common particularly during the summer months when breeding rates are high. Statistics show that tens of thousands of puppies and kittens are surrendered each year. Although rehoming centres and foster carers do their absolute best to foster and rehome these unwanted litters, many of these pets are euthanased simply because there are no available homes for them.

During the breeding season, intact pets often try and escape their yards to find a breeding partner.  Unfortunately this is when mishaps occur. Without owners dogs tend to roam aimlessly and are often hit by cars. Dogs also get into territorial fights or fights over available breeding partners. They get lost. Sometimes they are ‘rehomed or rescued’, if thought to not belong to someone.  They may ultimately be successful and breed yet another litter of unwanted puppies or kittens.

What other benefits are there to desexing?

As well as preventing these immediate problems, neutering your pet can also reduce the risk of certain cancers.  Some cancers are more prevalent in entire pets.  These cancers include ovarian and uterine cancers, mammary chain cancers and testicular cancers. Neutering also prevents other diseases such as pyometra (an acute, life-threatening infection of the uterus) and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Neutering pets has been shown to reduce many undesired behavioural traits. In particular those seen in entire male dogs and cats, such as urine territorial marking and aggression. The husbandry of entire female dogs involves cleaning up after the obvious displays of season. Cats go through a visible and audible display of oestrus (season) combined with a huge desire to escape and mate.

If you are concerned about desexing or would like somemore information please dont hesitate to give us a call or drop into the clinic.  Our Vets and all of our wonderful nurses are happy to help.

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