What is the best flea protection for your pet?

Flea Protection

I know it hasn’t felt like it but Spring really is well upon us and when the temperatures do rise, so again will flea numbers.  So what does this mean for you and your pet?  What is the best way to keep your pet protected from fleas?

Did you know that fleas spend the majority of their time in the environment? That’s right, fleas actually spend only 10% of their time on your dog or cat? This means that 90%!! of the flea burden is living and breeding in your house and garden. And then there are the eggs, larvae and pupae.  All ready to erupt into a full-blown flea explosion as the weather warms up. Reducing the environmental load is why it takes several consecutive months to properly treat a flea problem. It is much more effective to treat the areas that your pets sleep and spend time, rather than just treating your pet.

cat with fleas scratching neck

So if you are treating your pet with a flea product, what else can you do to get rid of those fleas within your house and garden? Flea bombs have traditionally been the only option. Unfortunately these treatments are toxic.  No one likes resorting to chemical treatments in and around our homes.  Especially when they require families and pets to vacate the house for 24 hours while they work. This is inconvenient and unhealthy.

Tips on How to Remove Indoor Fleas Naturally

The safest way to treat your household is to vacuum the areas that your pets sleep frequently.  Afterwards dispose of the vacuum dust into an outdoor bin. If you do this daily and thoroughly you will physically remove the environmental load and stop the fleas breeding.  Washing your pet’s bedding in hot water and hanging it out in the sunlight to dry will also kill flea larvae. Eucalyptus oil in the wash and sparingly dotted onto bedding will also repel fleas.

These natural ways to remove fleas from your home are the safest methods.  However when your home is literally jumping with fleas, your dog and cat are scratching like mad and your children are being bitten, sometimes a fast and effective treatment is required. Bentons Road Vet Clinic Mount Martha have been searching for an alternative to flea bombs.  And we have found a product that is effective but also non toxic and convenient.

sundew flea treatmentSundew Flea Control Spray is a revolutionary indoor environmental treatment that applies Imadocloprid to the environment.  Imadocloprid is a neurotoxin that acts on an insect’s nervous system. Sundew Flea control spray provides up to 30 days protection against fleas. It comes in a Vanilla or Lavender aroma.  It is safe to apply to bedding, carpets, floorboard cracks, couches and cushions. Another benefit is there is no need to vacate the house while it is working. Bentons Road Vet Clinic now stocks Sundew Flea control spray in our Mt Martha Vet Clinic. It must not be used outdoors as it will indiscriminately affect beneficial insects such as bees.

Tips on How to Remove Outdoor Fleas Naturally

outdoor flea treatmentFor outdoor flea infestations we recommend using beneficial nematodes. Beneficial nematodes are an environmentally friendly option for treating your garden, dog runs or areas of the lawn where fleas can breed. Nematodes are microscopic worms that feed on the flea larvae and are a naturally occurring organism. Simply order a package of them online and water them into the ground. Once their food source dries up, the nematodes will die back, not harming beneficial insects or contaminating waterways.

If your pet is itchy and you think they might be irritated by fleas, come into Bentons Road Vet Clinic Mornington for advice on the gentlest and most effective means of controlling flea infestations.

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