Happy New Year

dog watching fireworks from a new years eve party

Bentons Road Veterinary Clinic would like to wish a Happy New Year to Everyone. We wish you all a festive night and a safe transition to 2016.

We’d also like to remind all pet owners that New Year’s Eve, for our pets, is typically an incredibly anxious event with many of our furry friends suffering fear, anxiety and even total panic events. Our pets do not understand the turning over of the calendar, nor the scheduled celebrations to see it in. The Mornington Peninsula may well be much quieter this year with a huge restriction on fireworks, but there are often still fireworks let off by residents throughout the night.

To make the celebrations safe for all, before you go out, consider these ideas:

1. Lock all pets safely indoors to prevent escapes by panicking pets.

2. Close the windows and curtains to block light from outside but leave an interior light or a night-light on to dim the contrast from any flashing lights.

3. Leave the TV or radio on low volume so that loud noises can be muffled and dampened.

4. Leave unwashed clothing that smells of you close to the pet’s bedding.  This allows them to take comfort from your smell.

5. Use anxiety reducing products like Adaptil, Feliway, Rescue Remedy or Lavender oil to help reduce fear in your pets while you are away.

These tips can also help pets to cope during thunderstorm events if they suffer from storm phobias too.

All in all, have a wonderful night.

Happy New Year from Bentons Road Veterinary Clinic!

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