A Healthy Lifestyle

healthy looking dog jumping through waves
Most people in today’s world understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle to their overall health. Good fresh nutrition, getting enough rest, reducing toxic load, gut health, mindfulness and weight control are more than just buzz words in most households. We know we should eat organic and pasture raised foods when we can afford it.  We know we should reduce the amount of toxins and drugs that we expose our bodies to.  Who doesn’t realise we need more sleep and ‘me time’ and we know the importance of probiotics and maintaining a healthy gut. This part is a no-brainer. So why shouldn’t we extend these health ideals to our four-legged friends?

At Bentons Road Veterinary Clinic in Mt Martha, we apply this healthy philosophy to the care of our pets. We understand that pets have a positive effect on other family members. There is nothing more ‘mindful’ and beneficial to emotional health than getting out in the fresh air and going for a walk with your dog on one of our beautiful Mornington Peninsula beaches.  How relaxing it is taking time out from the hectic day to day or spending some time stroking a purring cat. Bentons Road Vet Clinic is passionate about the wellbeing of your pet.  We offer traditional and holistic health advice to ensure your pet is as well as can be.

Our Overall Health Philosophy

We believe natural, organic and unprocessed wholefoods should be fed to your pet as well as to your family. We recommend parasite control based on your pet’s lifestyle and have some great advice on natural methods of flea and worm control.  Vaccinations are recommended only when they are needed and we can easily test for whether they are required or not. We also have a wealth of experience in managing and treating fear and anxiety.

Are you the sort of person who strives to keep your family healthy (and let’s be honest, who isn’t)? Then come to the veterinary clinic that applies the same principles to treating your pet.

Bentons Road Vet combining Natural Health & Modern Medicine