Natural Diet for Optimal Health

Feeding a Natural Diet for Optimal Health

All species on the planet thrive best when they eat the foods that nature intended them to eat. When the digestive system is receiving items that its evolved to eat that animal, person or bird will be able to achieve optimal health. This is the philosophy behind our dietary recommendations at Bentons Road Vet Clinic.  We encourage all pet owners to embrace food as the natural source of a healthy lifestyle.  We also help clients to incorporate at least some, if not all, natural ingredients in their pet’s diet.

But what does a natural diet look like for our pets today?

There are a multitude of bags of dry food in the pet stores claiming to be “natural”, “organic”, “grain-free” and “holistic”; but what do these labels mean and how “natural” are they?

At Bentons Road Vet Clinic we believe that a dry food or kibble based diet is the furthest from the natural diet of our small carnivores, as you can get. These foods are low in meat proteins.  High in refined grain carbohydrates. Devoid of any moisture.  And biologically removed from the natural meat and fat based diet of our pets. The more processing that a food goes through to get to its finished state, the less healthy it is for that species. We know this. There is a huge amount of advertising for our human health that encourages us to stay away from processed foods and to eat as much fresh, wholefoods as we can to stay healthy. The same is true of our pets’ diets.

For cats and dogs, a diet that contains meat, organs and bones, essential fats and oils and some green leafy vegetables and herbs is the closest to their wild type diet. This diet can be nutritionally balanced over time, not every meal needs to be the perfect mix. There are some proportion differences between cats and dogs; puppies, kittens and geriatrics and also some changes that should be made with diseases or illnesses. But the baseline ingredients remain the same.

Natural diets can be totally raw (closest to nature), home cooked or commercially produced. At Bentons Road Vet Clinic we provide information on balancing your home-prepared diet and we fully support our raw-feeding pet owners. We sell both raw and cooked natural diets from Prime100 and Organic Paws as well as dehydrated raw and canned diets from Ziwipeak. We also strongly recommend Wellbeing Essentials, a natural nutritional supplement that ensures your pet is eating a well-balanced diet.

Please note, simply feeding your cat or dog raw meat is NOT providing them with a nutritionally balanced diet and will result in disease if fed over time. Please look at this blog for more information on balancing your pet’s diet or call now to book in to have your pet’s diet evaluated.

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