Dr Kelly Halls BVSc (hons)

dr kelly halls

Dr Kelly Halls

Kelly is the principal veterinarian and business owner of Bentons Road Vet Clinic. She grew up on the Peninsula and attended Mt Eliza Secondary College before moving to Brisbane to study Veterinary Science.

I have been working in this profession since 2002 and the longer I work as a vet, the more I see the importance of my role as a veterinary surgeon. It is my passion in my working life and my strong ideals of how the members of this profession should interact with our patients and clients have driven me to create Bentons Road Vet Clinic.

I have a strong interest in emergency and critical care medicine and surgery. I have worked in emergency and referral hospitals for the past 8 years and have completed post-graduate studies in emergency and critical care.

My other passion is animal behaviour, particularly the human role in reducing fear in our companion animals. Obviously I am a proponent of reward based training protocols when training puppies and dogs, but on a daily basis I am personally interested in the ways that I can eliminate fear in the veterinary clinic for my patients and much about our clinic design and handling and treatment protocols are based on this reduction of fear.

While not tending to my patient’s needs, I am a wife and mum to two gorgeous young girls who keep me very busy trying to master that latest Elsa hairstyle and keeping up with the truckload of ‘special’ craft work that inundates our house.