Our Purpose

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A vital piece of the puzzle

Throughout my veterinary career I have always strived to provide the best possible medicine for the animals in my care.  Although I worked hard to achieve this goal, I have always felt something was missing.  Something lacking.  This feeling nagged at me daily until I had ‘a moment of clarity’ from the unlikeliest of places.

When my daughter was born, she developed health issues relating to her nutrition.  My husband and I trialled multiple conventional medical treatments but nothing worked.  Every treatment failed.  Something was missing! A vital piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

Healthier diets

So I started researching healthier diets. Complementary therapies. Natural remedies. To my amazement these treatments had lasting positive impacts on my daughter’s health. Her health improved and so did her lust for life. When I reflected back on veterinary medicine, I realised that this approach was severely lacking in the veterinary world.

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Optimal pet health

With this in mind, I opened Bentons Road Vet Clinic. I was dedicated to building a clinic that focused on integrative approaches to provide optimal health to our patients. A clinic that tailored its treatments to each pet’s individual needs. A clinic clinic that could combine natural health and modern medicine to not only treat disease but to bring pets to true health and wellness.

The path to pet wellness

Bentons Road Vet Clinic is here to help your pet live a long and healthy life. Once your pet is on the path to wellness you will see how energetic and vibrant they can be. You will see their vitality and spirit shine. When you work with us you will have the confidence that you’re providing the very best life for your pet. But more than that. When you work with us you will experience the joy that a truly healthy pet brings to your life.