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Puppy School
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Welcome to the world of puppies! If you have a new puppy or are thinking about getting one, you may have heard of Puppy School.  But maybe you are unsure why puppy school is important and why it matters who trains your new pup.

Puppy School is a training program designed for puppies aged between 8 and 16 weeks. It is a safe and fun way for puppies to socialize with other dogs and people, learn basic obedience commands, and build confidence in new environments. Puppy School is not only a training program but also a socialization program that exposes puppies to new experiences, sounds, smells, and environments that they will encounter in their lives.

Unfortunately, not all puppy classes are created equal. It is crucial to ensure that all training is delivered consistently to avoid any confusion for your puppy. Inconsistent training methods may result in undesirable behavior and sadly, this is a common reason why people choose to rehome their dogs. To prevent this, early intervention with the correct training techniques from qualified trainers is vitally important.

Who are K9 Connect?

At Bentons Road Veterinary Clinic we always seek out experts that provide the best advice for our clients and their pets.  We decided to work with K9 Connect because their trainers have encountered all types of training situations, from puppies to adult dogs with various behavioral issues. They also have the expertise to assess each dog’s needs, determine the best training methods, and provide consistent training to achieve the desired outcome. This level of knowledge and experience ensures that your pup receives the best possible training.

K9 Connect trainers are qualified professionals who have extensive experience in dog training and behavior.  They are  knowledgeable about the latest research on puppy development and behavior, which ensures that they provide the best training and advice to puppy owners.

At K9 Connect, all trainers have completed a rigorous certification process that includes both theoretical and practical training. They also have ongoing professional development to ensure that they stay up-to-date with the latest training techniques and research.

K9 Connect at Bentons Road Vet Clinic
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Why does Bentons Road Veterinary Clinic use K9 Connect?

When it comes to training our puppies, it is important to choose knowledgeable experts. This is because they have the experience, knowledge, and skills to provide consistent training and achieve better outcomes. K9 Connect is a perfect example of such experts, with years of experience in dog training and behavior.

K9 Connect trainers use positive reinforcement training methods that are safe and effective for puppies. These methods focus on rewarding desired behavior and ignoring or redirecting unwanted behavior.  This approach creates a positive association between training and learning, resulting in better outcomes and a happier, well-behaved puppy.

What is Power Up Puppy Pre-School?

K9 Connect has developed their Power Up Pup puppy pre-school program over the last twenty years.  The program has evolved over this time to really focus on your baby puppy adjusting to its new life with your family.  Delivered by qualified, professional dog trainers, the four-week program is designed to help your puppy to be comfortable with all the things in its life.  New skills are learnt, social manners are developed, confidence is grown, and typical puppy problems are explored with open discussion.  The goal of the program is to help you to help your puppy be calm, confident and resilient, paving the way for the amazing adult dog you want your pup to be.

Give your puppy the gift of expert training, and watch as they grow into a well-behaved and happy adult dog. Contact us today to take the first step towards a brighter future for your puppy!


Puppy School