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    puppy school bentons road vet clinic

    Puppy School at Bentons Road Vet Clinic Mornington – Mt Martha

    Bentons Road Veterinary Clinic offers and recommends Puppy School classes for puppies aged 8-16 weeks of age. During this vital socialisation period it is important that puppies are able to interact and experience as many different people, pets and situations as possible in a positive and safe way.

    The most common reason that people elect to rehome their dogs is due to behavioural reasons, whether it is destructive behaviours or aggression, we can try and prevent these concerns with early intervention. A lot of dog behaviour that we see as undesirable are fear and anxiety based.  Aggression, destructive behaviours and excessive barking are examples of these types of unwanted behaviours.  Puppies that are properly socialised during their peak socialisation period of 6-16 weeks are better equipped to accept new environments, people, dogs and sounds, making our public areas in Mount Martha, Mornington, Safety Beach and Mt Eliza safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

    Our aim during the Bentons Road Vet Puppy School program is to guide you through this period and develop a relationship with you and your puppy for many years to come. We find, puppies that have been appropriately socialised at an early age will generally become happier and well-adjusted members of our families and the greater Mornington pet community.

    During our 4 week puppy course in Mount Martha we will cover topics varying from how to have a well-mannered K9 companion, dog body language and behaviour, toilet training, mouthing and biting, nutrition and preventative health care, environmental enrichment, how to train your puppy in a positive manner and any other questions you might have. You will also learn how to teach your puppy some basic commands like sit, shake, drop, spin, come and many more. Most importantly we will arm you, the one that is in charge of guiding your puppy into adolescence and adult hood, with the tools you need to help shape the type of dog that you will enjoy for many years to come.

    Bentons Road Veterinary Clinic Puppy School training programs are run by our highly trained nurses at our Mount Martha vet practice.  We cater to puppies from all over the Mornington Peninsula, including Safety Beach and Mount Eliza  If you would like to book into one of our Puppy School training courses or would like more information regarding this course please fill in the contact us form or call the clinic on 59764629.