Veterinary Receptionist

Hi I’m Meg,

I work as a casual receptionist at the Bentons Road Veterinary Clinic whilst studying full-time.

I started working during COVID, when restrictions were in full enforce. During this time clients were unable to be in the clinic, therefore I had the lovely pleasure of holding and cuddling all your animals so the vets were able to assess them.

Since the easing of the restrictions, I have moved into a receptionist position and love greeting everyone (and your cute pets) to the clinic.

Growing up with a mum who is a vet nurse (and now the practice manager of Benton’s Road Vet – Natalie) meant I’ve always been surrounded by animals, I’ve lost count of all the neonate kittens Mum would bring home from work for us to look after….. best childhood ever!!  I also couldn’t tell you how many times my dad has said “no more pets” yet mum and I always find a way to squeeze them into the family.

I have recently adopted my cat, Bowie, from a rescue group to keep me company whilst I live on my own to attend uni. He is the biggest menace but provides a lot of entertainment.  When I am not studying or away with friends and family you will usually see me working Saturday mornings where I will very rarely say no to puppy cuddles!


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