Titer Test and Vaccinations

Here at Bentons Road Veterinary clinic we assess your pet’s lifestyle and tailor their vaccination schedules to their individual needs. We offer vaccinations for cats, dogs and rabbits, as well as antibody titer testing to see if your pet needs revaccinating.

Dog Titer Test and Vaccinations

titre test dog vaccinationScientific studies have shown that once dogs have developed immunity to the “C3” diseases (Distemper, Parvovirus and Hepatitis or DHP) following vaccination, their immunity can last many years, from 7 to 15 years in some dogs. These dogs do not need to be revaccinated to maintain this immunity. The antibody titer test that we perform in-house at Bentons Road Vet Clinic (Vaccicheck) measures the dog’s antibody levels to these diseases.  This test indicates if they are still protected or not. We can monitor these antibody levels over the lifetime of the dog and only revaccinate when (or if) they drop.

Cat Titer Test and Vaccinations

Cat VaccinationWe have a similar titer test for cats that measures antibodies towards the “F3” diseases (Panleucopaenia, Herpesvirus and Calicivirus). Cats that frequent boarding facilities though will still need to be boosted with the Cat Flu components (Herpesvirus and Calivirus).  Thankfully we can also give these separately to the Panleucopaenia vaccination.

Why You Should Titer Test

This ensures that we give your pet the minimum amount of vaccines required to ensure they are fully protected against the infectious diseases that can affect them. Titer testing is simple, inexpensive and results are known within an hour or two of the consultation. This means we are vaccinating our pets in line with the Worldwide Guidelines on vaccination. We also recommend that puppies and kittens are titer tested at 6 months of age. This ensures your young pet has fully responded to their puppy or kitten vaccination course.  It also identifies any pets that may have had prolonged maternal antibody preventing the vaccine from working. We often do this at the same time as desexing.

Currently the cost of titer testing is similar to actually giving a vaccination. The Biogal Vaccicheck is a simple in-house blood test that delivers quantitative results within an hour or two.  With reduced need to vaccinate your pet, it is vitally important that your cat, dog or rabbit comes in for their Annual Health Exam.  This is the visit where we can discuss all of the things necessary to keep your pet in top condition.  Including titre testing and vaccinations if required.  To book your pet in for their Annual Health Exam and to discuss their need for Titer Testing or Vaccination, please call 5976 4629 or book an appointment online.

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