Vet Clinic Socialisation Program

Stress Free experience at bentons road vet clinic

A Stress Free Experience

Bentons Road Vet takes pride in introducing our “stress-free experience” program tailored for our anxious patients. This six-week course is thoughtfully designed for both puppies and adult dogs who not only feel apprehensive about visiting the Veterinary Clinic but also harbor uncertainties about new environments and people.

Recognizing the unease that can accompany the unknown, we’ve meticulously curated this six-week journey to convert anxiety into familiarity. Beginning with those initial moments of uncertainty, we progressively acquaint your furry friend with the sights, sounds, and sensations of the vet clinic. It’s a gradual transformation, where the unfamiliar gradually takes on the aura of home, one gentle paw at a time.

The program spans across six weekly visits, led by our experienced veterinary nurses. Throughout these sessions, our reception staff and nurses ensure your dog experiences relaxation, a sense of importance, and pure joy. These positive interactions pave the way for future visits that are not just bearable but genuinely pleasurable.

Week One - Our Reception experience

This week focuses on making your dog feel relaxed and happy to enter the reception area and to use the scales. Your dog will experience the smells and sounds of the veterinary clinic in a relaxed “treat-filled” environment where they are free to wander and take it all in at their own pace.

Week Two – Introduction to the Consulting Room

This week’s focus will build on week one’s reception experience by encouraging your dog to feel relaxed about entering a consult room. Once inside there will be lots of treats and some basic non-threatening handling, pats and touch.

Stress Free introduction to scales
Stress Free Introduction to feet exams

Week Three – Simple obedience commands & soft handling techniques

In addition to the reception experience and entering the consult room, during week three our nurses will begin with some obedience commands and start to handle your dog more. Focusing on the feet and legs this will prepare your dog for nail trims, bandages, blood collections, and catheter placement should this be required in the future.

Week Four – Introduction to commonly used instruments

Continuing with the reception and consult room experience, this week’s focus will include paw handling as per week three but also the introduction of the stethoscope and clippers(not in use).  We will also focus on any other additional items that you may be concerned about.

Week Five – Familiarisation to sounds & touch associated with consulations

Following on from weeks 2-4, in week five your nurse will continue with the reception and consult room experience but will introduce the clippers and turn them on, use the stethoscope to listen to your dogs chest, hold their paws and touch their ears.

Week Six - Handling techniques for eye, ear & dental examinations

Being the last week of the course, our nurses will revisit all experiences covered during the past 5 weeks, with the addition of an eye. ear and dental exams. Any areas of concern will be addressed, and a report will be provided with advice for ongoing experiences to ensure your dog continues to positively enjoy all life has to offer.

Stress Free introduction to ear exams
Stress Free experience

Why is this important?

We recognize that the unknown can be daunting for our furry friends with nervous hearts. That’s precisely why we’ve meticulously curated this transformative six-week journey, aimed at turning anxiety into familiarity. Starting from those tentative first steps, we gently expose your beloved pets to the sights, sounds, and sensations of our vet clinic. It’s a process that gradually turns the unfamiliar into the reassuringly familiar, one gentle touch at a time.

Spanning six weekly visits to our clinic, the program is facilitated by our stress-free qualified veterinary nurses. Throughout these sessions, our dedicated team nurture your dog every step of the way.  The ultimate goal? To ensure your dog feels not only relaxed but also cherished and content, paving the way for future visits that are bound to be far more enjoyable.

At Bentons Road Vet, we believe in making every vet visit an experience marked by comfort and joy. Join us as we embark on this six-week journey to redefine what vet visits mean for your furry friend.  Your dog’s wellbeing and happiness are at the core of our approach, transforming apprehension into anticipation, and turning each visit into a celebration of the bond between pets, owners and their veterinary caregivers.