What to do with pets in Extreme Weather

bull dog lying in pool of ice during extreme weather

This weekend is an extreme weather event with really high temperatures, dry gusty winds and a high fire alert. This is a time of stress for people and animals. Here are a few suggestions for helping your pets to beat the heat.

  1. Please bring your pets indoors today and allow them to chill out in front of the air conditioner.
  2. Please bring rabbits and guinea pigs indoors.  Perhaps set them up in the laundry or spare bathroom today or in a portable cage. They have little ability to regulate their heat in this weather.  Unfortunately small pets die in this weather due to heat stroke very easily.
  3. Place wet towels on the floor if you have floorboards or tiles – cats and dogs can lie on them to help keep cool.
  4. Ensure all pets have plenty of fresh water today. Put frozen ice packs in the water bowl to keep the water cool. Keep it topped up.
  5. Wrap ice packs in tea towels and place on the floor for dogs and cats to lie near to, or for rabbits and guinea pigs to sit near.
  6. Put water bowls in the shade in the garden for wildlife to have access to. Possums, birds and lizards all suffer heat stress in this weather too. If you see any wildlife suffering in the heat, bring them indoors in the cool, place them in a cat carrier or sturdy cardboard box with some water and perhaps some fruit and let them take refuge until the weather cools at night – then let them back out again.


It is too hot – dogs will burn their feet on the footpath or road.  Large breed dogs, brachycephalic dogs (dogs with short noses) and overweight dogs will all suffer in this weather. They will not be able to pant enough to lose body heat and will suffer from heat stroke.

We hope everyone takes it easy today, look out for neighbours and animals and don’t try and overdo it. We will be getting through with a cold cider on the back deck with our feet in the wading pool and the kids under the sprinkler! (Tank water and solar electricity to ensure our eco friendly fun!). Take care out there!
Bentons Road Vet.

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